Night Care

Metrolab Care offers night time care services to ensure you have all the support you need even during night time.

Our Night Time Care

Metrolab Care offers night time care services.

 The shifts start at 10 pm and finish at 6am.

The night time service in live in care can be flexible. If a 2-3 times a night support is not enough, we can send a carer  specifically to do night shifts when the live in carer is resting.

This kind of support would be additional on top of the live in service.

Night Time Care Services in London

Our Night Care services include:

Sleep in Care

When the carer sleeps in the client's home and is able to support them a few times during the night.

Awaken Night

When the carer works at night in the client's home. The carer works all night with a short break.